Registering at Ashdene Care Home


Anyone who is interested in residing at Ashdene Care Home is encouraged to visit the home and sample the atmosphere and level of service.

Prior to a resident being admitted to the home, a pre-admission assessment will be undertaken by a suitably qualified person in liaison with the resident and/or their carer to ensure that the needs of the resident can be met within the home. In the event of an emergency admission, a full assessment will be made and individual care plans drawn up within 5 days of admission. During the first 48 hours, the resident will be provided with the key aspects, rules and routines of the home. Every effort will be made to ensure that the admission process is as stress free as possible for residents and relatives and everyone will be cared for in relation to individual needs.

Residents' care plans are reviewed every month by the designated key worker in conjunction with the resident or their representative. Any changes that need to be made within the month will be notified to the resident or representative as soon as possible. The resident's care plan is available to the resident or their representative at any time upon their request. Resident's families are asked to complete a life story questionnaire which is then converted into a brochure and put on display in the lounges. This helps the staff and other residents to ascertain information about hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes for new residents.


Our latest CQC inspection was 25 March 2019. The care home was found overall to be "good". A link to the CQC report can be found here.

Financial Arrangements and Fees

The fees are dependent on:


Following a financial assessment by social services, residents will either self fund care or be part funded by social services.